10 How To Lose Weight Tips

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10 Losing Weight Image Tips

There is a lot of information online about weight loss, maybe too much. But what are the real, practical steps you can take to lose weight long term? In this article we look at 10 how to lose weight tips that have been proven to work.

Weight loss image tips.

Slip Ups Happen

If living a healthy life was so easy, we’d all be healthy. Life is complicated and each day poses its own challenges. Trying to do everything means there will be slip ups. If we forget things during the day or have a bad day at work we don’t beat ourselves up over it. So why beat yourself up if you make one unhealthy decision. Move on and vow to make healthier decisions next time.

No Going Back

You need to take the decision to be healthy and not look back. You start small, like really small and take it one baby step at a time. This is how you’ll lose weight and change your lifestyle. Big changes never work, but little ones over time certainly do.

Weight loss image tips.
Weight loss image tips.

Portion Control

It’s easy to pick up a bag of chips and crash on the sofa. Before you know it, your scratching at the bottom. Simply by placing a portion of chips in a bowl and leaving the chips at the back of the kitchen press your exercising portion control. Make things a little harder for yourself and you’ll see how it’s not worth the effort. Never eat from a bag or box, always use a bowl or plate.

How To Move

It might sound simple but taking regular short bursts of exercise has been shown to be more beneficial than longer less frequent routines. By short bursts we mean you need to get your heart pumping, not a simple stroll. See our how to get started exercising, if you don’t like exercise article.

Weight loss image tips.
Weight loss image tips.

Eat Regularly

There is weight loss mantra that says; “No Pain, No Gain”. In reality it couldn’t be further from truth. If you put yourself through something unpleasant you aren’t likely to continue. Food restriction is going to make you binge eat and removing food groups will increase cravings. Simply use smaller portions and don’t starve yourself, snack healthy and eat regularly.

Drink Water

Drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you feel fuller. Drinking water during a meal will help with digestion and if you take small sips, this will  slow your eating pace. Water as we all know is calorie free, so in place of juices, sodas or alcohol simply pour a glass of water for your next meal.

Weight loss image tips.
Weight loss image tips.

Eat Breakfast

There is always heavy debate when it comes to breakfast, there are those that do and those that don’t. By skipping breakfast you are statistically more likely to eat unhealthy food for a snack and overeat when it comes to lunchtime. It’s much easier to have a solid breakfast, wholegrain bread, fruits, eggs and then  a light snack (nuts, fresh fruit, seeds) before lunch. This simple habit will have you losing weight in no time without any hunger issues.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals is a surefire way of overeating. Eat regularly and instead of skipping a meal simple have a small portion. By skipping a meal all your brain will do is focus on the next one and this is where unhealthy choices are made.

Weight loss image tips.
Weight loss image tips.

Food Groups

There are thousands of diets and millions of opinions, however you ultimately have to live with your choices. Not the diet company. By deciding to remove the things you love or entire food groups such as carbohydrates you will be ultimately punishing yourself. This type of behavior doesn’t end well and any weight lost comes back plus more. Simply reduce your portions and make small incremental healthy choices.

Be Mindful

Whilst this might seem like a new concept the very first diet book which mentioned “how one should eat” referenced chewing up to forty times to aid digestion. So the concept isn’t new but the method does work. You don’t need to think about your food or “Ohhh” and “Ahhh”, you simply need to enjoy it slowly and enjoy the tastes and textures. Simply give yourself the time to enjoy your food.

Weight loss image tips.

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