How To Cook With Kids

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Benefits of cooking with kids

Children love a good mess and cooking with kids is a great way to entertain and educate. By exploring food through fun and play, kids are more often willing to try new things and explore new tastes. Having lots of fun and forgetting the mess is often where the best moments are made. So go on, get messy!

Benefits of cooking with kids

Cooking With Kids

In spite of the mess, the benefits for children cooking are huge. Children can feel more helpful at home and more independent. Children who help and cook also learn more about food and are generally more willing to try new foods. The long term benefits include a love of food and an appreciation of the value of home cooked meals.

The hidden benefits are those magic moments when things go right or wrong creating a stronger connection with your child. Spending time together whilst helping mom or dad builds a child emotionally and mentally giving them an important sense of independence and accomplishment.

Short Term Benefits

  • Improved communication skills In following and understanding step-by-step directions, and by communicating together your child will improve their comprehension and communication skills.
  • More open to new food Children who prepare, handle and make food themselves are more likely to try new food and be open to new food experiences.
  • Pride and accomplishment Children feel proud of being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the family by preparing meals. This builds a strong sense of accomplishment and pride.
  • Quality time together Children appreciate quality time with their parents.
  • Healthier Generally children who cook with their parents tend to enjoy a healthier diet and eat less processed foods.

Long Term Benefits

  • A stronger relationship with your children Enjoying cooking with kids can provide a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity to talk, about anything! Especially important with pre-teens and teens.
  • Stronger self-esteem Learning new skills in the kitchen is known to help younger children with healthy self-esteem development and confidence.
  • Long term life skills Cooking is an important life skill for a sustainable healthy life. As children become adults the job of feeding themselves becomes theirs. Giving them the skills to cook makes this transition to adulthood easier later on.
  • Fun, passion and memories Our relationship with food is a passionate one. Creating memories by cooking with your children will give them a healthy respect for food, filled with fun, passion and pleasant memories of quality time together.

We hope you enjoy cooking together and remember its the moments you create not the food you make. 

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