Is It OK To Splurge?

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If you’re going to have a treat or indulge in tasty, not so healthy pleasure, then you should truly, fully enjoy it. Don’t ever feel guilty or emotional about a pleasure you’re enjoying as part of a healthy diet. Beating yourself up is far, far more damaging and can eventually result in bad eating behaviors and habits.

Are Food Splurges Healthy

Real life involves real food.

Nutritionist Faith Dearmond says it’s good to “Plan for small weekly or occasional splurges by choosing the foods you want the most.” By planning you can avoid feeling deprived and stop binging behavior.

When you plan for a splurge or indulgence you avoid the feelings of guilt and “cheating” on your healthy lifestyle – in fact you start to gain control. So are food splurges healthy and can they be part of a healthy balanced diet?  Follow Faith’s tips to enjoy your favorite foods whilst maintaining a  healthy and balanced diet.

You are responsible, you are in control.

  • Life involves sweet things, use the 80/20 rule and be sensible when it comes to indulgences.
  • Ask yourself is it worth it? Some store bought foods and treats are simply not. By making them yourself you’ll know exactly what’s inside and stay in control.
  • If you’re eating a cake don’t wash it down with a soda. The more sensible you are the less deprived you will feel. You shouldn’t reward or punish yourself, you’re simple enjoying your favorite food as part of a sensible and balanced diet.
  • Be aware of empty calorie high sugar drinks. These include, sodas, juices and most alcohols. Simply by keeping these as a now and again treat you can enjoy your other favorite treats. If you want to enjoy a soda, juice or beer, keep it as your splurge food. Enjoy them moderately.
  • Know what’s enough. If ice-cream’s your thing, will a few scoops do? Know what your eating and make an informed decision. Sometimes a small portion will do and sometimes it won’t. Make your decision and be happy with it. 
  • Buy the best quality, not the most expensive but the best quality treat you can. If it’s chocolate try higher percentages of cacao 50%+ and see if this works for you.

These tips are based on a 2,000-calorie diet, consumed by adults with a healthy weight. If you’re overweight or have health concerns, please talk to your doctor. Take a look at your daily activity, for most of us we don’t need a lot of calories to keep at a healthy weight. If you over indulge, your waistline will pay the consequences. Be sensible, moderate and enjoy your food when you’re eating it.

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