5 Free Weight Loss Apps 2017

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5 Free Weight Loss Apps 2017

There are many free weight loss apps out there, maybe too many. With all these apps which one is best suited to you? That depends on many factors including your weight and your personal abilities, such as, cooking skills and physical health. To start off with, it’s best to tackle weight loss through nutrition and diet, then exercise.

5 Free Weight Loss Apps 2017

Free Weight Loss Apps

There are thousands of diet, fitness and weight loss apps. These apps focus on nutrition, which if you are looking to lose weight is the best place to start. Exercise has a huge role in keeping us fit and healthy but to lose weight exercise has a minimal effect on long term weight loss and weight maintenance. (1) (2)

The BEST WAY to lose weight is to focus on what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. These apps will help you with your current diet and help you to move towards a healthier one.


This was one of the first free weight loss apps to allow comprehensive calorie counting. MyFitnessPal is by far the best app if you would like focus on counting calories and has gained users trust over the years. The primary weakness of MyFitnessPal is its lack of data analysis, you get a lot of information but sometimes it can be hard to make sense of it all, or turn it into useful dieting advice.

Spark People

Spark People has grown to be a huge community of users and user content. Their forums are packed full of advice and tips for all diets and diet types. The strength of Spark People is also it’s weakness. A common complaint is that there is too much information and this can be overwhelming and hard to find your way through.

Lose It

Lose It is great for calorie counting and has a nice clean app and interface. It works really well with other devices and now comes with a clever photo app, snap a picture and it will guess the calories. Lose It similar to other calorie counting apps doesn’t help you with dietary advice or give you actions to take. This can make counting calories a difficult long term challenge.


If you like a step by step approach BodMinSou offers this. Each of their health programs helps you to gain more knowledge so you can eat healthier and stop dieting. BodMinSou offers simple food tracking and is not a strong option for calorie counting alone, there is also no activity tracking. Healthy Weight Programs


Unlike the other apps Fooducate gives you actionable advice on what to eat. Not only can you track your calories but you can really see what’s in your food. This is a really helpful shopping app. Fooducate doesn’t offer a structured approach to weight loss and a lot relies on what you know. If your only looking for information on food for better choices this is a great option.


Each app is has a killer feature, whether structured programs, calorie counting, a large community or useful nutrition advice. It’s not necessary to pick only one, you can mix and match to suit your unique goals.

These free weight loss apps are mostly for nutrition and diet based weight loss. However, you can also match these with a dedicated fitness or workout app if you are looking to lose weight and also get fitter.

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