Frittata Recipe Ideas

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Children can be great little helpers and this recipe allows them to fully make their own meal. Leave them chop the ingredients and mix the egg if the child is older. You can also add parsley or chopped and blanched baby asparagus. You can really add anything to a frittata, especially to get them to try new foods.

Frittata recipe options, easy to make and ready in minutes.

Frittata Recipe Ideas

The word frittata is derived from the Italian word for “fried”. This version is baked rather than fried and is easily assembled by children. A typical frittata would combine ingredients such as asparagus and feta cheese.

This dish has a lot of flavour and can be customized to each person’s taste. It’s easy to prepare and only takes about 15 – 20 minutes to bake. It’s also a relatively clean dish to prepare when children are involved. This can be served along side a salad, soup or an Italian style pick and mix where you could have cured meats, cheeses, tomato or pepper salads etc.

Peppers and onions, asparagus and cheese, ham and cheese, chili and sweet potato are only some of the many options you can explore. Let your children add their favourite combinations.


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