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Planning what you will eat for the week ahead is a great way to save time and money. Meal planning can be complicated, which is why we simplified meal planning for beginners.

Meal Planner For Beginners

Meal Planning Made Easy

No matter who you are, a busy mom or dad, or just busy like most of us, you can benefit from meal planning. It frees up time, saves you money and allows you to eat healthy every day.

In the video above we look at how to plan a whole week using our  planner. The most important thing to consider, for beginners, is to take it step by step, don’t try and do everything all in the one go. Start by planning, then move on to preparing.

Meal planning does take time but it’s a worth while habit to form. Over time it will make eating healthier easier and quicker.

Meal Planning For Beginners

If you are not convinced, that’s OK. Meal planning can be a burden if not done right but it can also have to following benefits;

  • Save You Time
  • Save You Money
  • Help You Stick To Your Health Goals

What You Need

  • Download and print our free PDF below “Meal Planning For Beginners”.  Use color paper if you’re feeling fancy!
  • Buy some colored Post-Its: Post-its help for life’s little complications, eating out, working late etc.

How It Works

  • Write down what you would like on the post-its for breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • Now simply fill in what you need for each meal in the notes. Or add calorie information, macro-nutrients etc.
  • Lastly add up all the ingredients for each meal to complete your shopping list.
  • Voila! you’re now an expert meal planner.

A Few Tips

  • Start planning for one meal set per week not all meals. For example breakfast.
  • Pick meals you already know and cook.
  • Don’t pick complicated meals to cook if you are cooking new recipes.
  • Try for recipes that take no longer than 30 to 60 minutes, 30 minutes clean up.
  • Buy in advance, at the weekend or mid week using the shopping list.
  • Prep your meals in advance which we will look at in the next video.

This is a simply system that will keep you from going crazy, in the next video we are going to look at preparing your meals in advance.

Download PDF Meal Planner


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