Smoothies for kids are a great way to get children into healthy foods. Combining vegetables into smoothies is an easy way to show children that mixing foods together creates new tasty flavours.

The fantastic thing about smoothies is they are easy to prepare and put in a flask for work or simply prepare the ingredients and freeze them. When you are ready take the bag out and blend with a base like juice, milk or water.

There are so many recipes out there for smoothies that do this or that for you. Remember to keep it simple, fun and tasty when it comes to introducing new foods to children.

Quick smoothie tips

  • Keep it simple to start with. Use only three or four ingredients.
  • Taste as you go, then add more.
    Most fruit and vegetables go together. Not all spices and herbs do.
  • For thin smoothies add ice cubes, water or juice. For thicker add yogurt, ice cream or peanut butter.

These are only a few ideas when preparing smoothies for kids, there are loads more. It’s hard to go wrong with wholesome fruit, just make sure you have some sweet when adding bitter ingredients. Please share if you liked this, we appreciate the support.