Is BodMinSou suitable for me?

Before you sign up to use BodMinSou, please make sure you are clear about what it provides and that it is suitable for you.
If you have any questions please contact our support team.

BodMinSou is…..

A tailored weight management and healthy living platform
Each day during your selected BodMinSou program you will receive daily tasks, tips and advice. Each session is automated, yet the content is tailored to your particular health goal based on the settings you choose (you can change these at any time).

Although suggestions are made throughout the program, you are ultimately in control of what techniques you put into practice and how. If you are ever in doubt, there are real experienced professionals to help and guide you, you’re never alone. Whilst the content is automated you have support, advice and mentorship from experienced professionals to complement each program.

Effective long term if followed correctly
The programs offered by BodMinSou are based on evidence based science and tested as rigorously as possible against current best practices. However it is not a ‘passive’ solution; the programs require sustained and significant effort in order for improvements to be made. You will always have support and motivation to keep you going but it’s crucial you work with us and follow the programs as best as possible.

A support network and mentor network
The BodMinSou community is a warm and welcoming place where you can share your experiences with others, and get support from team members who have a similar goal to you.

Professional support from experienced professionals will also help you in putting program techniques into practice including the science behind them. Dedicated support staff are also there to help out with general queries and support.

BodMinSou is NOT …..

BodMinSou is not intended to address medical conditions
If you have any reason to believe you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant or if you suffer from any eating disorder, then please consult your doctor before starting a BodMinSou program.

BodMinSou is not a quick fix weight loss solution
BodMinSou combines many different approaches that have been shown to be highly effective for long term weight loss management. Many participants see improvements within weeks and over time. However it is not a ‘passive’ solution; the programs require sustained and significant effort in order for improvements to be made. Many make this effort with support from our professional staff and other participants, but it is important that you are aware of this before subscribing to BodMinSou.

BodMinSou is not a medical or personalized advice service
Although the information featured in the BodMinSou programs is written by experts, the community is intended as a peer-to-peer platform, and content is not monitored by our staff unless flagged by users as contravening our Posting Policy.

The material on BodMinSou, whether posted by BodMinSou employees or other users, is provided for your information and is not intended as medical advice. We are not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. We strongly recommend that you seek help from your doctor if at any time you are concerned about your physical or mental health.

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