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Cooking With Kids

Duration: 7 Days | Effort: Low | Instructor: Pili Cereto

Cooking with kids is one of those things that often gets pushed to the side. It’s true, including children when cooking requires time, patience, and some extra clean-up, especially if the children are younger.

The benefits however are huge, better self-esteem, trying new foods, contributing to the family and importantly, quality time together. Children by nature are expressive and cooking with them lets them explore a whole new world of pleasure. A lot of parents are intimidated, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as its light-hearted, fun and engaging children will love it.

Each day on the 7 day program, we unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you. Have a look at what’s in the program below.

Cooking With Kids – Free Program

Program Overview
Stage One
The first stage of the program is about making time and having some background safety in place. It also gives you the tools to make cooking with children fun and engaging.
Day 01: Cooking with kids
Stage Two
Stage two is the fun part where we get cooking. We explore various simple recipes and each video shows you step by step who should be doing what. We have tasty bites for breakfast, snacks and main meals with options every child will enjoy.
Day 02: Breakfast
Day 03: Snack ideas: Smoothies
Day 04: Meals: Mini frittatas
Day 05: Meals: Monster soup
Day 06: Meals: Pasta and pizza sauce
Stage Three
The final stage to the program is how to pull it all together and make it last long term. Cooking with children gives them great life skills and should be part of a regular routine. We look at different ways your children can help in the kitchen.
Day 07: Building a long term love of food
Health Re-Start Series

Cooking With Kids

7 Days | Effort: Low | Instructor: Pili Cereto

Bonus Program – Not part of the Health Re-Boot Series

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Duration 7 Days
Delivery Email
Online / Mobile Platform
Commitment 20 Minutes Daily (Excl. Cooking)
Difficulty Low
Flexibility Work At Your Own Pace
Videos Yes
Support Chat + Email
Series Free Bonus Program

About The Instructor

Pili Cereto originally from Spain brings you a taste of food from around the world. Having traveled to India and South East Asia to follow her love of food, she now focuses on teaching simple healthy and homemade meals.

Pili specializes in healthy family food, baking, traditional Indian and Thai cuisine. And of course her native Spanish and Mediterranean dishes.

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