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Debunking Diet Myths

Duration: 10 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond

Most of us have tried at least one quick fix to lose weight, eliminating certain foods from our diets, trying the latest fad diet or simply fasting. And most of us have gained the weight back, often putting on even more pounds than when we started. Unfortunately, the difference between myth and fact when it comes to healthy weight loss can sabotage even the healthiest relationship between you and your food.

Whilst we would like to believe there is a quick fix, the truth is fad diets can actually do more harm than good when it comes to losing and maintaining your weight. In this program nutritionist Faith Dearmond discusses some facts that will help you separate fact from fiction.

Each day on the 10 day program, we unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you. Have a look at what’s in the program below.

Debunking Diet Myths – Free Program

Program Overview
Stage One
The first stage of the program is about understanding what you don’t have to do. We look at why restricting the foods you love isn’t the best option.
Day 01: You don’t have to give up foods you love
Stage Two
Stage two breaks down fact and fiction. Each day we look at a simple fact that will help you better understand what you should be doing to lose weight.
Day 02: Frequent eating helps keep you slim.
Day 03: Diet foods and sodas are mostly unhealthy.
Day 04: Skipping meals, cutting calories is unhealthy.
Day 05: Exercise is not a free pass for junk food.
Day 06: Healthy food is affordable.
Day 07: Healthy eating can be convenient.
Day 08: Carbohydrates are not the enemy.
Stage Three
The last stage looks at fad diets and why they can be a bad idea, we also pull all the ideas from the program together and look at why you should take your time and take it step by step.
Day 09: Fad diets do not work.
Day 10: Weight loss takes time.
diet myths

Debunking Diet Myths

10 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond


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Duration 10 Days
Delivery Email
Online / Mobile Platform
Commitment 20 Minutes Daily (Excl. Cooking)
Difficulty Medium
Flexibility Work At Your Own Pace
Videos Yes
Support Chat + Email
Series Health Re-Boot

About The Instructor

Nutritionist Faith Dearmond brings a wealth of experience to each program. Having a background in psychology Faith understands the important steps required to establish long term habit change.

In this program Faith introduces her tried and tested methodologies which have been developed from years of clinical research and from working with groups, companies and individuals.

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