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healthy ways to eat out

Healthy Ways To Eat Out

Duration: 08 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond

Dining out is often regarded as cheap, convenient, filling, and too many of us a tasty option. Unfortunately one trip to your favourite diner can pack enough calories, sodium, and fat for an entire day or more. Eating out on a regular basis can end up resulting in a host of health issues.

Culturally we enjoy dining out and the temptation can often be hard to resist. The most important strategy is to be an informed consumer. You can make healthier choices and still enjoy the price and convenience of your favourite restaurants.

Each day on the eight day program, we unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you. Have a look at what’s in the program below.

Healthy Ways To Eat Out

Program Overview
Stage One
The first stage looks at restaurants and diners in general as well as restaurant portion sizes.
Day 01: Making healthy dining out choices.
Day 02: Understanding restaurant portions.
Day 03: Choosing a restaurant.
Stage Two
With such variety on the market choosing the right restaurant or having the right strategy is important. In stage two we look at the different options and strategies available to you, so you can enjoy the food and make healthier choices.
Day 04: Strategies: Sit down restaurants.
Day 05: Strategies: Fast food restaurants.
Day 06: Strategies: Different food types.
Stage Three
Finally stage three looks at the cost of eating out vs dining in. We also look at some general eating out tips and tricks which will help you make the right choices whilst still enjoying eating out.
Day 07: The costs of frequently dining out.
Day 08: A look back at how you did.
healthy ways to eat out

Healthy Ways To Eat Out

08 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond


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Duration 08 Days
Delivery Email
Online / Mobile Platform
Commitment 20 Minutes Daily (Excl. Cooking)
Difficulty Medium
Flexibility Work At Your Own Pace
Videos Yes
Support Chat + Email
Series Health Re-Boot

About The Instructor

Nutritionist Faith Dearmond brings a wealth of experience to each program. Having a background in psychology Faith understands the important steps required to establish long term habit change.

In this program Faith introduces her tried and tested methodologies which have been developed from years of clinical research and from working with groups, companies and individuals.

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