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portion control

Portion Control

Duration: 21 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond

With supersized meals it’s often hard to recognize a normal portion size. Giant bottles of soda, extra-large bags of chips and king-size candy bars are part of our everyday eating landscape. But unfortunately, as our portion sizes get larger, so do our waistlines. And bigger packages can make portion control a challenging task.

This twenty one day program will help you understand portion distortion and give you the tools to better tackle portion control in your daily life.

Each day on the 21 day program, we unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you. Have a look at what a the program looks like below.

Portion Control

Program Overview
Stage One
The first phase of the program is about knowledge. Here we will look at useful ways of visually comparing food and portion sizes. Comparing portions through time will give you a great perspective on what’s changed over time.
Day 01: Visual guide to portion control.
Day 02: Portions sizes through history.
Day 03: What the USDA recommends.
Day 04: Why are portions so big today?
Day 05: A look at food groups.
Day 06: Serving size VS portion size.
Day 07: Quick guide to measuring portions.
Stage Two
A look at food labels, a balanced plate and advice to help you measure food are some of the issues we will address in this action phase. We will also look at simple mindfulness techniques and tools to use at work and when eating out.
Day 08: Think before you pour a drink.
Day 09: Getting the right balance on your plate.
Day 10: A quick look at food packaging labels.
Day 11: What to do when eating out.
Day 12: Healthy tips for eating at work.
Day 13: Track your food for one day.
Day 14: How to be mindful of what you eat.
Stage Three
The last phase is control and here we pull it all together and look at food preparation. We also look at some of the reasons behind eating larger portions and cook a simple meal.
Day 15: Measuring out food quantities.
Day 16: Measure and cook a simple meal.
Day 17: How to plan your food in advance.
Day 18: Control the ingredients.
Day 19: Reduce and improve your food choices.
Day 20: Remove all distractions while eating.
Day 21: Keep one thing you liked from the program.
portion control

Portion Control

21 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond


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Duration 21 Days
Delivery Email
Online / Mobile Platform
Commitment 20 Minutes Daily (Excl. Cooking)
Difficulty Medium
Flexibility Work At Your Own Pace
Videos Yes
Support Chat + Email
Series Health Re-Boot

About The Instructor

Nutritionist Faith Dearmond brings a wealth of experience to each program. Having a background in psychology Faith understands the important steps required to establish long term habit change.

In this program Faith introduces her tried and tested methodologies which have been developed from years of clinical research and from working with groups, companies and individuals.

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