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reduce sugar intake

Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Duration: 10 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond

Sugar plays an important part in sweetening food, over the years however more and more sugar has been added and our taste receptors have adjusted accordingly. The World Health Organisation now only recommends an average daily intake of less than five teaspoons of sugar per day.

When you consider that one soda may contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar it may seem over whelming to reduce this to only five. So where to start? A practical approach to reducing sugar over a period of time is one that you and your taste buds should be happy with without giving up too much. This program teaches you to control and balance your sugar intake where in counts.

Each day on the 10 day program, we unlock new content, recipes, tips and techniques to help you. Have a look at what’s in the program below.

Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Program Overview
Stage One
Finding where those hidden sugars are is an important first step. This stage provides practical steps to help identify sugar, plan for a long term strategy and show you the many places sugar is hidden.
Day 01: Identify sources of sugar in your diet.
Day 02: Choosing a long term strategy.
Day 03: Sugar and its multiple personalities.
Day 04: Reading food labels for hidden sugars.
Stage Two
With sugar being part all most foods it can be hard to find a simple place to start. This stage looks at small steps that can be taken to gradually reduce your sugar intake without giving up too much.
Day 05: Strategies: Sugar drinks.
Day 06: Strategies: Sugar snacks.
Day 07: Strategies: Sugar in common foods.
Day 08: Strategies: Sugar in fruit.
Stage Three
Controlling your sugar intake is a successful long term strategy. The final stage will help you to be master of your own sugar levels and will give you an idea of the long term health benefits from a sustained reduced sugar diet.
Day 09: Controlling your sugar intake.
Day 10: Small changes, long term gains.
Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Reducing Your Sugar Intake

08 Days | Effort: Medium | Instructor: Faith Dearmond


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Duration 10 Days
Delivery Email
Online / Mobile Platform
Commitment 20 Minutes Daily (Excl. Cooking)
Difficulty Medium
Flexibility Work At Your Own Pace
Videos Yes
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Series Health Re-Boot

About The Instructor

Nutritionist Faith Dearmond brings a wealth of experience to each program. Having a background in psychology Faith understands the important steps required to establish long term habit change.

In this program Faith introduces her tried and tested methodologies which have been developed from years of clinical research and from working with groups, companies and individuals.

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