Find your healthy weight.

Tried a new diet, lost weight and then gained it all back and a little more. You’re not alone,  and with so many weight loss websites and apps out there it’s very easy to lose track of what really works. And we all know what works, healthy eating in moderation, a little exercise and a good nights sleep.

So why is healthy weight loss for women so difficult? Well, as we gained weight we also gained a lot of bad habits, focused less on some good habits and developed busy lives with little time for luxuries like health.

That’s where we can help, real people with real advice, simple programs you can complete at your own pace, bucket loads of the right support and a holistic approach to weight management.

Healthy weight loss for women
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Set your health goal

What would you like to do? Lose, maintain or gain weight.

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We suggest a health program but you can pick your own.

Work at your own pace.

Work at your own pace

Our programs take as little as 20 minutes a day.

Supported by real people

Support if & when needed

This is what keeps us all going through the tough days.

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What you get?

Advice from professionals
Get proper advice when you need it.

Behaviour change techniques and practices
Change how you manage food cravings and healthy eating.

Personal holistic health programs
We look at what you eat, how you feel and your overall fitness.

Tools to track your progress
Advanced tool set for tracking your progress.

Professional, group and community support
Get help only when you want it or need it. Someone is always there!

Motivation and inspiration
Help through the tough days when you need it. No nagging!

Healthy weight loss for women
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Can BodMinSou help you?


Tried it all, nothing works.

I find it so hard to lose weight.

Find it hard to lose weight.

I don

Don’t know where to start.

I need a healthy change in my life.

Need a healthy change.

I think I lack willpower.

Think I lack willpower.

Clinically proven techniques to aid long term healthy weight loss for women.

Based on a decade’s worth of evidence into what works best for long term sustainable habit change.

The science behind BodMinSou
Healthy weight loss for women


We provide participants with a choice of charities including:
Feed The Children

BodMinSou is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by these charities.

Get Health, Give Health

Food and safe drinking water are commodities we sometimes take for granted. At BodMinSou we want to help support children who live in less fortunate conditions of health, nutrition and safe drinking water.

Get health, give health is a simple idea where by you earn hearts for completing simple tasks. You can then award these hearts, as cash to worthy charities and organizations who support childhood nutrition and safe water.

The healthier you become the more your subscription can be used to help children who desperately need better nutrition. We believe this creates a sustainable way to improve the health of the most vulnerable in society whilst improving your own health too.

If you have any questions or doubts, chat to us, we’re here to help.